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“Victory Six Advisors is a market acceleration and Federal support firm for next-generation technologies.  We work exclusively with differentiated solutions, matching them to defense and other federal requirements, to position them as foundational for high-value programs.” - LTG Gene Blackwell, CEO 

US Startup Technology Investments for Discerning Overseas Fund

Deal Flow - Due Diligence - Board and Operations Support


Victory Six received a mandate from an overseas investment fund with specific parameters to identify early-stage companies with differentiated technology and the ability to disrupt the mass market transportation and space industries.


Victory Six performed an extensive market search during which dozens of technology candidates are interviewed and evaluated.  A handful of the most promising candidates are down selected for further due diligence.


Through Victory Six’s process, our experts evaluate a candidate company’s technology, management, operations, and market. Our team delivers a report with an objective and thorough analysis of strengths, weaknesses and challenges.


The fund invested in two of the promising candidates and Victory Six was retained to provide ongoing support to both organizations. 


Victory Six leadership is included on the board of directors and our team works alongside the management teams to provide strategic guidance and oversight and to accelerate their development and go-to-market strategies.  


Within one year, both companies achieve significant milestones including a product unveiling supported by a large German multi-national automotive group and successfully launching a next generation satellite in orbit for a DoD client.

Enterprise Client Acquisition for Government Centric Social Media Analytics Software Company

Strategic Marketing - Revenue and Growth Acceleration - Pipeline Development


Victory Six received a mandate to support an early-stage social media analytics software company’s pivot from government contracts to enterprise commercial clients. The technology is unique and proven in the government market, but is relatively unknown in the commercial market.


The Victory Six team took a hands on approach to engage with the company technical staff and commercial end users in our network to learn about the value the capability provides to commercial clients and how to best articulate it.


Victory Six then revamped the marketing and sales materials, developed a prioritized pipeline, and arranged meetings with key accounts.


Within the first year, Victory Six supported the company in securing several high-profile contracts to include several projects with a Fortune 250 client and developed a pipeline of enterprise level opportunities with several other Fortune 100 and 500 clients.  


Victory Six also helped the company develop a pipeline of DoD small business contract opportunities and establish partnerships with several global firms to serve as commercial resellers for the technology.

DoD and Enterprise Client Acquisition for Nuclear Focused Physical Security Analytics Software Company

Strategic Marketing - Government Affairs - Revenue and Growth Acceleration - Pipeline Development


Victory Six received a mandate to help a physical security analytics software company develop and execute a strategy to accelerate new customer acquisition in the defense and commercial markets. The technology is unique and proven in the nuclear market but relatively unknown in other markets.


Victory Six evaluated the capability, reviewed the existing marketing materials and messaging, met with the management team and also met with reference customers to clearly understand the technology’s value proposition.


Victory Six then developed new value centric messaging and marketing materials. We supported the development of a new marketing plan and prioritized pipeline of potential customers with a need for the technology. Victory Six led outbound efforts and coordinated with company leadership to support key meetings.


Within a year Victory Six was able to assist the company in winning several new clients, including five contracts with the DoD, a Fortune 100 client, and a national landmark cultural center. Victory Six led business development activities and accelerated the company’s customer acquisition cycle considerably.

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