“Victory Six works at the intersection of next generation technology, government, end-users, and investors. We are a mission focused organization that provides our clients with strategic guidance and tactical support to advance their objectives.” - LTG Gene Blackwell, CEO 


Victory Six provides industry leaders an unbiased, independent lens, pulling from a wealth of experts with distinguished  industry and government backgrounds. We work with businesses of all sizes and can provide insights on a variety of operational areas, including leading federal sales initiatives and growth strategy.


Victory Six makes effective use of our knowledge of both the people and processes that make Washington run. Be it on Capitol Hill, Federal departments and agencies, or among large defense contractors, we ensure our clients have access to key decision makers to promote their interests. Victory Six works closely with our clients to ensure that their messaging will resonate with key stakeholders.  We ensure that our clients are educated about their audience and we provide the opportunity to engage decision makers.


The Victory Six approach ensures that all necessary steps are taken to capture opportunities that arise during our pursuit. Our team works alongside yours to deliver a concise message, followed by a series of tangible steps designed to capture revenue generating opportunities. Our time-proven processes provide the tools needed to drive growth and deliver results.

800 Maine Avenue S.W.

Suite 304

Washington, DC 20024

+1 (202) 681-1821


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